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Scaling a trusted brand for broader community and business impact at Stack Overflow

Scaling a trusted brand for broader community and business impact at Stack Overflow


Advancing trusted brand for broader community and business impact at Stack Overflow — a community platform that empowers the world to develop technology through collective knowledge.


Stack Overflow


Senior Brand Designer


April 2019 – November 2021


Brand Design/Marketing


To show what a typical workflow looks like, here is how I designed Stack Overflow's company pages. I worked with our Brand Design team lead on wireframes. We then iterated on design, settled on a final direction, refined the page design, and finally built the page. The following were a collaboration between Brand Design, Product Marketing, People, and Operations. I was responsible for wireframing, design, and illustration.

Wireframes of different pages
Layout exploration for About page
Final About page
Stack Overflow Careers page

When I first joined Stack Overflow, the product marketing pages were three separate brands. Over the course of two years, I collaborated with the Brand Design team to unify product sub brands and align across marketing pages. My responsibilities included:

  • Branding - Decide how three lines of business (Teams, Talent, Advertising) can sit in parallel to each other under one umbrella brand (Stack Overflow) and visually implement this strategy.
  • Design - Conduct briefing, competitive research, wireframing, concepting, refining, asset management for developers, pre-launch comb and check. Scalable assets were also needed for corresponding marketing campaigns.
  • Illustration/imagery - Decide where we use spots, illustrations, product abstractions, and product views; and craft overarching styles.
  • Cross-collaboration - A big part of projects like these are collaborating with product marketing managers, the demand gen team, a developer, and product designers. Bringing everyone along and getting buy-in is the hardest, but most important part of the process.
Heros for four product pages
Customer success landing page

Spot illustrations

During my time at Stack I made ~50 spot illustrations for the shared product and brand design system. I defined the style in collaboration with our Design Systems lead and then made three sizes of spots for various concepts. The spots scaled between three sizes and could be recolored dynamically depending on the context.

A selection of spots illustrations I made in their neutral state
Spots used in context on the website


Ads used to be made from scratch for every campaign. Once we scaled to making sets of 90+ ads for Google Display and PPC campaigns, I was set aboutwith standardizing new ad layouts for efficient and consistent production by using components and autolayout in Figma. Ad campaigns are produced in collaboration with the Demand Gen, Content, and Product Marketing teams. I also lead and oversaw the outsourcing of this some of this work to freelance designer.

A selection of ads
Example of ad production in Figma

One+ pagers

Stack Overflow's one pagers are not always one page but they do have a flexible, modular system that I and the Brand Design team created for easy layout and quick turn around. These are done in collaboration with Sales, CS, and Product Marketing.


Sometimes there's a more specific, data-driven story to tell as part of a campaign. This is where infographics come in!

Two infographic-heavy pieces I designed and illustrated | Spring 2021


Stack Overflow had a variety of illustration needs, I collaborated with our Brand Design Lead to agree on a style to follow that fit the brand and then scaled the style across different needs for empty states, one pagers, ads, website images, decks, etc. Below is a sampling of illustrations I made.

Illustrations I drew for various empty states, product emails, product website pages, and one pagers
Illustrations for email onboarding series
Product abstraction illustrastion I made for marketing and product use

Decks, Sales and internal

Deck needs at Stack range from master templates for Sales and CS, to internal templates, to CEO and board presentations, and one off customer decks.

Wherever possible, I try to make the content into a module that could be reused down the line.